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I started seeing Evelyn a few years ago after a scan showed some spots on my liver and other places in my body and my health practitioner advised me to see an acupuncturist for liver and kidney support. Which I did, I have been back on a regular basis and can feel the results. One day i was exhausted after work and night shift and one session enough to let me walk mount Mania with a friend without problems. Another day a long standing deep cough troubled me and after 1 session the cough disappeared including the pain that was involved with it. Then blocked sinuses opened up after a session. It is now nearly 4 years ago the spots were found and I believe the combination of acupuncture, supplements and diet keep me in the good state I am now. Thank you, Evelyn you definitely know, what you are doing.


I have been to see Evelyn throughout most of this year for severe hip pain and she has worked absolute wonders for me. Nothing else had worked for me so I was elated when after one visit I was literally pain-free. She is very lovely, and really knows her stuff!! So great to have access to her here in Whangarei. I are very lucky. Highly recommended.

NicckiMother of 3 and business owner

Since 2007 I have had really bad neck pain, from a rugby injury. I have been to countless professionals to ease the pain, but nothing comes close to the acupuncture I received from Evelyn...For the first time in years I felt no pain! Looking forward to the next session.


I highly recommend visiting Bow Valley Acupuncture. After three visits with Evelyn she significantly decreased my long term back and leg pain due to a femur break year's ago. If your in pain and have exhausted every pain relief method, get acupuncture from the best in town! Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for getting me moving again!

ToddProfessional Ski Patroller, Mountaineer

I’m a 55-year-old female that has spent a lot of time outside in both the summer and winter. I have a lot of damage to my face and neck. I first came to clinic to see Evelyn with hope to improve the overall quality of my skin.
Evelyn set an anti aging schedule for me which involved Derma Rolling with a 1.5mm roller monthly….the procedure that I have being getting requires topical anaesthetic to your skin…..when the rolling starts you don’t feel pain but pressure and a prickly sensation. The nice thing about Derma Rolling is there is no down time like other cosmetic procedures and you can resume normal activities immediately.
A few months after starting I was pretty sure the derma rolling was doing something because my skin felt smoother and looked brighter… the wrinkles over my lip and around my mouth are softer, the overall skin tone is brighter and the age spots and freckles are lighter and less noticeable This was confirmed when 2 of my colleagues within 1 week asked what I had done to my face because it looked amazing.
Evelyn is very professional, she takes the time to explain the procedure to you along with the risks and benefits of the treatment being provided. She is very knowledgeable, organized and experienced at her job. She has a lovely demeanour and very easy to talk to and get along with. I would not hesitate to refer friends, family or co-workers to her because of the results I received and her experience.

LynnEmergency Services

From the first treatment Evelyn made me feel very comfortable and at ease and that continued throughout my whole experience. Going to my acupuncture treatment was something I looked so forward to each time. I saw Evelyn for acupuncture treatment to help with fertility issues. In the end, after approximately two months I became pregnant. I truly believe Evelyn and the acupuncture played a huge role in making this happen. I’m so grateful I met her and was able to have such a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Evelyn and her acupuncture services. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable in many areas and dedicated to your specific needs.