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6 Ways Acupuncture Boosts Athleticism

Acupuncture for athletes and active people is most beneficial while you are training to prevent injury and to enhance performance.

  1. Naturally boosts energy levels.
  2. Speeds post-work out recovery time.
  3. Strengthens the immune system. A balanced program of rest and exercise improves immune function.  However, too much strenuous exercise can suppress the immune system and dramatically increase the risk of upper respiratory infections
  4. Ease stress and anxiety. Becoming more focused and relaxed will improve your athletic performance.  Being more mindful helps you to be more in tune with your body and surroundings.
  5. Improve sleep. Quality sleep allows the body to regenerate, repair memory and consolidate memory from the day’s training session.  This increases split-second decision making and accuracy and contributes to your energy and post-work out recovery.
  6. Balance muscles. Balancing muscles increases range of motion and importantly helps prevent injury.  Acupuncture uses motor points that influence nerves of specific muscles.  This can help release tight muscles, re-activate inhibited muscles and strengthen weak muscles.