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Anemia  |  Breech/Mal-position  |  Constipation  |  Depression or Anxiety  |  Fatigue  |  Hemorrhoids  |  Heartburn  |  Hypertension | Insomnia | Itching | Labour | Miscarriage | Morning sickness | Odema | Pain (sciatica, low back, symphysis pubis, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramp, labour) | Varicose veins

Acupuncture can safely support and treat all stages of pregnancy and help achieve a natural childbirth along with your midwife or medical doctor.

Acupuncture offers women a drug-free option for a variety of problems during pregnancy and child birth that are often considered as things that must be endured such as sciatica, low back pain, morning sickness, fatigue.

By supporting you throughout your pregnancy the risk for more serious conditions to develop are reduced.

Pre-birth Acupuncture treatments are extremely successful in achieving a timely, comfortable and efficient labour.

Treatment for morning sickness, a breeched/mal-positioned baby or to promote labour is frequently treated at Bow Valley Acupuncture because it is a very effective and safe treatment that helps mothers avoid medical intervention.

How to Plan your Acupuncture Treatments


Morning sickness

Generally, 2 treatments in the first week followed by weekly treatments through the first trimester depending on the severity of the nausea.


Breech baby

Treatment is most effective when it is initiated at 34 weeks. 

After the first treatment, the course of treatments can be easily continued by yourself in the comfort of your home.  You will be provided with the tools and skills to do this.

This is an extremely effective and economical treatment to avoid an external cephalic version or caesarean.


Pre-birth treatments:

Treatments can start weekly at 36 weeks onwards.  Pre-birth treatments are ideal for first time mothers.

Treatments help you deliver close to your due date, reduce the duration of labour and make labour more efficient and less painful.

Acupressure instructions are also provided to help further reduce labour pain.


Promoting labour

For overdue mothers the first treatment can start close to your due date, followed by treatments every 2nd day.

If you already have a medical induction planned the first treatment can start 3 days before your medical induction.  Daily treatments for 3 days are most effective.

These treatments will also assist in a more efficient labour.