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Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicine will help patients see a decrease in their asthma symptoms and the amount of medication they take for their asthma. Treatments aim to strengthen the body’s constitution so you are less sensitive to the triggers that cause your asthma attacks.

Treatments generally require a period of time to achieve maximum results, however, this investment of your time will provide long-term effects, improving your quality of life.

One study conducted by the University of Vienna Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care showed that at least 70% of the patients suffering from asthma reported improvement after undergoing regular acupuncture treatment for a span of 10 weeks.

Another study conducted in Kaifeng City’s Department of Acupuncture in the Second Municipal People’s Hospital in Henan, China, involved 192 patients with bronchial asthma.  All patients were treated with acupuncture and results showed significant improvement in over 75% of patients.  Patients showed clinical remission and the majority of patients reported immediate relief post-treatment.